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Yoga, Tai Chi Yang, Chakra Clearing, Usui Reiki, and more.


Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, color-me yoga for children ages 6-10

Tai Chi Yang Short form/Qigong

Includes a series of Qigong movements for warm up and meditation, then flowing into the Tai Chi form. Helpful for balance, relaxation, and longevity.

Chakra Clearing and Alignment for Beginners

This course empowers you with information on how to clear and align your chakras and energy systems.

Usui Reiki Level I

A practitioner invitation into Reiki and is open to anyone. The focus during level I is on opening the energy channels to connect to the universal life force energy, which flows from the cosmos. The origin and history of Reiki are presented along with a guide to hand positions, self-healing techniques and a certification as a Reiki level I practitioner.

Usui Reiki Level II

An expanded opening of the energy channels. Receiving 3 Reiki symbols along with how to use them for distance healing and the ability to send Reiki to anyone anywhere.

Usui Reiki III-Master Level

This is a powerful and life-changing process expanding your awareness of the intensity and healing power of Reiki

The master attunements will fully open up your energy system to Reiki which will fully open up your energy system to Reiki which causes a significant energy increase in the flow of healing energy through you.  In this class, you receive the master symbol and learn how to attune others to the Reiki healing energy.

Stepping into the Medicine Wheel

This is an extensive training program that is 1 year in length.

In each direction, we work with the medicine of the earth, the plant people, the stone people,  animal people, grandmother moon, father sun, star brothers and sisters and the creator. In using modern day life skills, ancient ceremonies and imitations you are gifted with the tools you need to become your greatest dreams and your psychic vision and intuitive skills are enhanced

Starting with the archetype of the south, Sachamama the great serpent we learn to release stories in the same way a snake would shed its skin all at once and in one piece, free from drama or attachment. In this way, we are now open to being more present.

We then move into the direction of the west, where we find ourselves in the place of the setting sun and the medicine of the Jaguar/puma. They who walk fearlessly upon the earth. Utilizing ancient ceremonies and traditions we see how we have allowed fear, anger, and death to bind our lives. We are given the opportunity to go deep into wounds/issues where we have held resentments/pain/trauma. Seeing where and how they have been held in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As we change our luminous body, by removing what does not serve our highest good and allowing us to awaken our core power.

Moving into the North direction we connect with the Apus(mountains) the ancestors and kenti-hummingbird. They who teach us that even the littlest ones may create miracles. It is connected to the place of absolute silence that we may connect with our intrinsic power-the divine within.

Through recognizing our ability to co-create our life with creator each moment we open the doorway to our purpose and destiny. It is in manifesting the discipline to going within ourselves and finding guidance from within that we open to our full potential. Ceremonies of the North will nature your self-esteem to accomplish all your heart desires.


Moving into the East the place of the rising sun. The path of the visionary and the medicine of the condor guide us where we fully embody or lives from the perspective of our hearts. Using our true vision to see the full picture. The reason we have chosen our life experiences and how these experiences may become the medicine in our own personal healing bundles(Mesa’s) it is a core cellular shift were we evolve on all levels completely, rewoven the fibers of our luminous body.


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